How Commission Base Deal Works.

Many exporters from different parts of the arena have shown their kindinterest in joining with us and in exporting their merchandise to our importers.

Some time they do not recognize the idea of Commission and the most popular way of doing business in freshfruits and vegetables.

1]. The exporter will export the goods in simple terms on commission basis. and shall enter into an agreement with us for selling the products on commission system.

2]. Once exporter sign the contract and at the same time comply with do the business, the exporter shall be the SHIPPER and he shall export the products to buyer

3]. Once the cargo arrives at the Port, consignee will pay all the costs like clearance at destination port, local transportation and other expenses as relevant like loading, unloading, local transport in the marketplace, storage fees.

4]. All merchandise will be sold in approximately 3 to 7 business days which depends on market behaviour.

5]. Consignee shall generate the sales statement for the consignment as soon as all the goods are sold.

6]. Any damages or loss in Quantity will be intimated to the shipper once consignee come to know about it. Such loss in Quantity.